“Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong has brought the balance to my life I needed to improve my health. After only 1 year of the practice, I was able to maintain the healthy habits that helped me finally lose over 20 pounds and be able to discontinue 2 major medications. Even my doctor was impressed! — Debbie P.

“Qigong has taught me to relax my shoulders while strengthening my arm muscles. It is also great to strengthen the body with stretching, and maintaining balance.” — Virginia E.

“Very relaxing with the deep breathing, and meditative.”
— Debbie M.

“The classes have given me an improved sense of energy and well being.” — Mary C.

“Tai Chi and Qigong has relieved stress, increased my lung capacity thru deep breathing and has helped me to be more relaxed and calm in everyday life.” — Deb P.

“Having osteoporosis, I was greatly relieved to find exercise classes that are both non-impact and weight-bearing. I also believe tai chi and qigong have helped lower my blood pressure.” –A Dedicated Student

I have known Darlene Basto for many years and know her to be a well-balanced individual, possessing great serenity and inner peace. Of significance, I believe, is the fact that I knew her before she began her practice of Qigong, and Tai Chi, and I have witnessed the positive effects this practice has had upon her. Darlene informed me of the content of her classes and demonstrated portions of her lessons. As someone who has played the Tai Chi form for twenty-five years, I believe her classes can be of great value to anyone who takes them and is willing to apply to knowledge Darlene imparts. The method Darlene employs will make the benefits of these arts accessible to anyone who studies with her.  — Clyde Mikkola



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